Dear Charles and Alli, thank you for everything you have both done for the CTFxC army, and Charles, we are always with you 100% of the way with helping beat this Cancers ass. Alli, you are the most beautifulest and fiercest women of youtube, a rolemodel to all who watch you and thank you for helping so many of us help Charles to get through this tough year, love you both always and forever. 

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year on my personal behalf of the CTFxC Army on tumblr. I love you both, and stay safe and warm this holiday season.

Sincerely, owner of tumblr blog trippyed,


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NOOO! *Hugging computer* Better Charles?  


Charles talking about his tattoo (X)


Alli + Videobombing

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This packaging example is for a deluxe box set edition of  Random Access Memories from Daft Punk. High end packaging solutions a special edition music go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this example rose to the occasion and delivered a special set.